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The Dagger Nomad Kayak Medium, redesigned in 2016, is the creek boat of choice for many of the world's best paddlers. For 12 years, the original Nomad design was known for its predictability, stability and confidence-inspiring style. Not wanting to get away from what made the original design of this whitewater kayak great, Dagger kept the displacement hull and bow rocker, to make this boat forgiving and able to boof with the best of them. What is new for the 2016 model is the decreased stern rocker, which increases speed and helps power the boat away from sticky holes. The new Nomad also has a slight edge for better handling in unpredictable currents. The original Nomad was a cult classic, so there are very high expectations for the new model. Look forward to more information on this Dagger kayakthe near future.

Dagger Nomad Kayak Medium Features:

  • Contour Ergo Outfitting
  • Ratchet Adjustable Backband
  • Tank Style Roto Molded Seating with Leg Lifter
  • Safety Step Out Wall
  • ConTour Adjustable Bulkhead Foot Brace with Foam Padding
  • Precision Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Multi-Adjustable, ConTour Hip Pads
  • Security Grab Handles

Dagger Nomad Kayak Medium Specs:

  • Length: 8' 6" / 258 cm
  • Width: 26.5" / 67 cm
  • Cockpit Length: 34.5" / 88 cm
  • Cockpit Width: 19" / 48 cm
  • Deck Height: 15" / 38 cm
  • Boat Weight: 48.5 lbs. / 22 kg
  • Volume: 86 gal / 326 L
  • Paddler Weight: 135 - 210 lbs. / 61 - 95 kg