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Rolling Lessons

Rolling a kayak on the river or lake is one of the most rewarding skills out there! It is the skill that makes any kayaker truly self sufficient. The skill of rolling takes a mixture of finesse and underwater patience to right the boat using just your body, boat, and paddle. All ages and abilities can learn to roll. Take a lesson from JHKS, learn to roll, and improve your skills and confidence out on the water. We offer three options for rolling instruction.

Private Rolling Instruction - Any day May-September

We offer private rolling classes in our own deck pool at Rendezvous River Sports. We can teach you to roll or help you with an existing roll, offside roll, hand roll, or backdeck roll. We encourage all of our students to take an Introduction to Kayaking lesson before taking a rolling clinic because having some boat control prior to your class makes learning to roll significantly easier.


Any Day May through September

*may be limited during peak season*




Introduction to the Rolling - 2 evening sessions

This introductory two-evening course is taught in the beginning of our season at the local Teton County Parks and Recreation pool. The warm water makes learning to roll fun and gets you ready for the season while there is still snow on the ground.

After a brief gear overview you will learn how to safely enter and exit you boats on land and then in the water (wet-exits). Being comfortable upside down underwater is an important part of rolling so our instructors will work with you one-on-one to help you feel at ease. Next you’ll learn basic paddle and boat handling skills, rolling with a float, the T-rescue and finally rolling. These steps break a seemingly difficult task into fun and manageable skills. This clinic is ideal if you are a first timer or if you’re a more experienced kayaker and you’ve had trouble staying in your boat. Rolling can also be a very useful skill for a touring kayaker and will improve your brace. After this course you will be ready to jump into an Introduction to Kayaking Lesson.

2019 Dates

Feb and March possible by Appointment

Mininum 3 people.

  • May Clinics
    • Mon & Wed, May 13th & 15th    6pm – 9pm -Kids only ages 8-18 put on by JHKC         BOOK KIDS ONLY ROLLING
    • Mon & Wed, May 20th & 22nd   6pm - 9pm
  • June Clinics
    • June 10th and 12th 6pm-9pm

$90 ($60 17 & under) BOOK ALL AGES COURSE

Open Pool

This is your chance to get into your boat in some warm water before the season starts. We have the latest new boat designs from our shop on hand and we encourage you to try them out. There is no formal instruction here, but we are always into giving you a tip on your roll or your flatwater cartwheel. Everybody is welcome to bring their boats or try out our equipment but we do ask that everybody knows how to safely wet exit before they jump in!

2019 Dates

Friday 6p.m.-8p.m.

May 17th

Wednesday 6p.m.-8p.m.

May 29th

Kids 12 and under -that do not have kayak experience- must be accompanied by an adult.


Price $8
Jon Souter rolling in Big Kahuna rapid on the Snake River WY

Instructor Jon Souter rolling in Big Kahuna
rapid on the Snake River near Jackson WY

Private Introduction to River Kayaking on Snake River near Jackson WY

Private Introduction to Rolling in
our pool. Jackson WY

Kids learning to roll on RRS/JHKS pool deck

A group of kids learning to wet exit and
roll on our pool deck. Jackson WY

JHKS instructor Emily Powell practicing her roll on the Snake River near Jackson WY

JHKS instructor Emily Powell practicing her
roll on the Snake River near Jackson WY

Teton County Pool kids rolling class

Crazy game of Sharks and Minnows at a Kids
Introduction to Rolling Class. Teton County
Rec. Center indoor pool, Jackson WY


Call now to make a reservation (307)733-2471 or write

Jackson Hole Kayak School is a permitee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an equal opportunity provider

Rolling Lessons

Rolling Lessons

Rolling Lessons