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River Runner

You have learned the basics and you're ready for more. This course requires a general knowledge of paddle strokes, (forward & back paddling, sweeps, braces and draws) the ability to paddle straight on flat water and familiarity with river features. You must also be able to perform eddy turns, ferries and peel outs. A solid roll is great, but if you're working towards one and willing to try T-rescues that's okay.

Beginning with a thorough review of paddle strokes on flat water, your instructor will evaluate your skills and help improve your technique. On the river you'll focus on making crisp eddy turns, peel outs and ferries. While paddling one of the valley's rivers, your instructor will help you understand the subtleties of river currents, reading water, and basic river safety. You will also be introduced to the excitement of play-boating rapids and receive coaching as you learn to surf friendly waves and holes. If there is time and the group is interested there might be time to practice rolling, but we strongly recommend you take a rolling class to master your rolling skills.

Because everyone has busy schedules we offer three different options for you to choose from. All gear is included in our lessons, and lunch is provided for full day lessons!

Scheduled Group Lesson

Join a group and learn to paddle with other folks at your ability level in one of our prescheduled 2 day courses. If you don't feel quite ready for the River Runner course, check out the Introduction to Kayaking. Combine the two courses and make your experience a great 4 day progression!

2018 River Runner Kayaking Group Lesson Course Dates


Price $310/person

Private Group Lessons - Multiday

We offer 2 day River Runner kayaking group lessons throughout the year. If the dates above don't work for your group, or you want private instruction for your group, you can create your own dates for a custom group lesson. All you need is to get at least two other friends to join you for a private custom group lesson.

  2 Day 3 Day 4 Day
Three People (minimum) $335/person $475/person $615/person
Four People $335/person $475/person $615/person

Private River Runner Instruction

Get the custom course fit just to your groups needs any day of the week! The cost is on a sliding scale depending on how many folks are in your group and how long you want to go for. We will keep a 4:1 student to instructor ratio, so the more folks you bring the more world class kayak instructors you get all to yourselves on the river!

If you truly want to learn to ww kayak we recommend at least a full day lesson to give you the basics. Half day lessons are great if you already have experience with wet exits, or if you want to learn in a Sit-On-Top kayak.


  Half Day Full Day
One Person $305 $405
Two People $205/person $260/person
Three People $170/person $210/person
Four to Six People $145/person $180/person
Seven or More $130/person $160/person


Surfing Burrito ~ 3,500cfs @ alpine gauge

Surfing Burrito ~ 3,500cfs @
alpine gauge

Kayaking in Alpine Canyon of the Snake River near Jackson, WY

Kayaking in Alpine Canyon of the
Snake River near Jackson, WY

Kayaking on the Snake River near Jackson WY

Kayaking on Snake River
near Jackson, WY

Kayakers in the Alpine Canyon of the Snake River near Jackson WY

Kayakers in the Alpine Canyon of the
Snake River near Jackson WY


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Jackson Hole Kayak School is a permitee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an equal opportunity provider

River Runner