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Freestlye Lessons & Clinics

If you are feeling comfortable with a reliable whitewater roll in your kayak and you want to learn the ins and outs of surfing, sign up for a Freestyle Kayak Lesson with the Jackson Hole Kayak School! We offer private instruction and group classes throughout the year.

You will need a reliable whitewater roll and have the ability to confidently front and side surf small waves and holes. You must be comfortable paddling and executing maneuvers on Class III whitewater.  You will begin learning the latest freestyle moves from instructors at the forefront of play boating. To make learning easier you'll paddle in one of our cutting edge play boats. Initially, your instructor will review biomechanics and flatwater skills essential to basic play boating. Once you are on the river you will receive step-by-step instruction as you enter the world of freestyle fun. The Snake and Hoback offer world class play spots no matter what time of year it is. The tricks covered in this exciting course include squirts, spins, back surfing, blunts, cartwheels and loops.

Private Freestyle Lesson

The private instruction is a great way to get the instruction needed for your specific individual needs. Offered from one of Jackson Hole Kayak Schools expert freestyle kayak instructors everyday of the week!

 Private Pricing Half Day Full Day
One Person $305 $405
Two People $205/person $260/person
Three People $165/person $210/person
Four to Six People $145/person $180/person
Seven or More $130/person $160/person


Private Group Freestyle Clinic

Find 2 or more friends to take the clinic with you and get our Custom Group Lesson rates any day that works for your private group!

  2 Day 3 Day 4 Day
Three People (minimum) $335/person $475/person $615/person
Four People $335/person $475/person $615/person


Jon Souter going for an Airscrew on the Lunchcounter wave, Snake River WY

Instructor Jon Souter going for an airscrew on
the Lunchcounter wave, Snake River
~10,000cfs @ alpine gauge

Kings Wave ~ 17,000cfs @alpine

Kayaker front surfing Kings Wave
~ 17,000cfs @ alpine gauge

Instructor Jon Souter practicing his blunts on Big Kahuna ~5,500cfs

Instructor Jon Souter practicing his
blunts on Big Kahuna ~5,500cfs

Looping at Burrito ~ 3,500cfs @alpine gauge

Looping at Burrito ~ 3,500cfs @alpine gauge


Call now to make a reservation (307)733-2471 or write

Jackson Hole Kayak School is a permitee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an equal opportunity provider

Freestyle Lessons