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Safety & Rescue Courses

ACA Level 4: Swiftwater Rescue - 2 Day Course

This course will be following the American Canoe Association (ACA) curriculum and will be taught by ACA certified instructors. This is a boat based swiftwater course, based on the assumption that you are in a backcountry setting and have access to limited resources. For specific questions on course curriculum you can use following link to the ACA website for the course outline.

Students will recieve a card certifiying that they have attended a ACA swiftwater rescue course.

Equipment: Students will be expected to provide their own PFD (type 3 or 5), whitewater helmet, protective clothing suitable for swimming in cold water (Drysuits or a combination drytop/wetsuit combination are recomended), appropriate river footwear, throw rope, knife, whistle, 15+ feet 1 inch tubular webbing, 2 locking carabineers, 2 pulleys and 2 prusick loops.

Please make arrangements in advance if you will need to rent gear.

If the course overbooks it may be possible for us to schedule an additional course. Please contact Rendezvous River Sports (307-733-2471) for more information about booking a seperate course.

2019 Dates

May 11-12, June 1-2, and 8-9


With your own group of 4 or more 


$255 (Gear & Meals not included)


Swiftwater Rescue custom courses are available any dates. Contact us for more details or 307-733-2471.


ACA Level 5: Swiftwater Rescue Instructors Course - 5 Day Course

This 44-hour course is focused on the latest technical knowledge, terminology, teaching skills, rescue skills, and safety awareness in a swiftwater environment. This course helps you work on personal and interpersonal development and pushes you to build skills and knowledge through peer feedback, video analysis, and lectures. We combine practical on water demonstrations and presentations with real world scenarios that will equip you to deal with teaching this multifaceted sport as a professional. This course sets the industry standard for instruction in paddle sports.

The ACA instructor certification process is broken up into two core components: the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), and Instructor Certification Exam (ICE). The IDW presents students with the skills and knowledge that are required to become an instructor. The ICE is an opportunity for each candidate to demonstrate his/her proficiency in the presentation (logical progression) and demonstration (proper modeling) of the skills, knowledge necessary for certification. This course will cover the following ACA curriculum content:

To Be Certified You Must...

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be or become a member of the ACA
  • Become a member of the Safety, Education, and Instruction (SEI) Committee
  • Successfully complete the course (requires: attendance at every session and completed homework, quizzes, and tests)

Just because you have paid your class fees and attended the class, does not mean you are guaranteed certification. Each candidate must show competency in technical knowledge, paddling skills, teaching skills, safety awareness, and necessary interpersonal skills at the desired level of certification to achieve certification. On average only about 25% of students achieve the whitewater certification, often because this course is many kayaker's first exposure to formal instruction.

2019 Dates:




$500 full course, $250 update


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American Canoe Association JHKS ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructors Jon Souter and Dane Stevens scout Deliberation Rapid on the Box section of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River, WY
JHKS ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructors Jon Souter and Dane Stevens scout Deliberation Rapid on the Box section of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River, WY

Classroom along the beautiful Hoback River
Classroom session along the beautiful Hoback River

River Rescue on the Bear River, ID
Paddlers set Safety on Boo Boo rapid on the Black Canyon of the Bear River, ID

SWR Course on the Hoback 
Students practicing with rope systems in SWR Course on the banks of the Hoback River


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ACA Safety & Rescue Courses